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How does SSL work when sending data over the Internet?

This web site is a SECURE SITE by the fact that it is internationally registered through its Digital Certificate. This certificate ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted (or scrambled) as it travels between your browser and our server. If any other internet user intercepts the communication, he/she will only be able to see it as a garbled string of jumbled characters. Certificate technology allows only us to decrypt the information you send, and so only EarthCommerce can view it in the plain text form you entered it as.

Why use an SSL web server certificate and what does it do?

When you connect to a secure web server such as, you ask the server to authenticate itself. You can tell it is a secure request by the HTTPS:// in front of the web address - note the S which means secure. This authentication is quite a complex process involving public keys, private keys and a digital certificate. The certificate tells you that an independent third party has agreed that the server belongs to the company it claims to belong to. A valid certificate means that you can have confidence that you are sending information to the right place and that it is encrypted along the way.

Credit card security on the Internet

While you are selecting items and using your shopping cart, you are connected directly to our Internet Store through your modem or network. The connection uses SSL 128-bit encrytpion security when you send us sensitive information like your credit card number. This type of processing insures that your personal information is being delivered only to the people you want it delivered to.

When your credit card information is processed, the credit numbers are scrambled (encrypted) making it near impossible to capture them as they travel over the web. Experts believe that encrypting your Credit Card information this way over the Internet is actually safer than giving your card (as in a restaurant) to an establish to swipe on traditional paper forms which can be copied behind your back or after you leave. In fact, EarthCommerce DOES NOT actually "see" your credit card number, only the bank that verifies funds when you make your actual purchase does.

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