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There's no better place than EarthCommerce to shop online - even if you don't see the item you need on our site. Our computerized shopping system offers you access to savings of up to 50% and more on thousands of brand name consumer products. The majority of these products are sent directly from the manufacturer or distributor to the address you specify.

Shop your area retailers or your favorite catalogs to decide which model best suits your needs. Write down the brand name, model numbers, style or optional features of the items that interest you. E-mail the information to our customer representative's at this email address and we'll try to locate it for you, even if we normally don't stock the item.

Identify the item you wish to purchase by:

Include name and address of store, catalog, or other business where local price was obtained.

One of the ways that we keep track of regional price trends is through our customers price information. We use this information as an indicator of how well the service is working. Having the local price information not only insures that we receive regional pricing information that helps EarthCommerce get our customers the best price we can, but also alerts us to computer errors, rapid-pricing changes, and recent discontinuations, which may have occurred. If the percentage of savings seems lower than industry averages, we will have our purchasing department double check the pricing. Every effort will be made to ensure that you are receiving the most current price on the product that you wish to purchase.

Our representative's will do their best to obtain a price on the product, plus any delivery and handling and e-mail you back, usually within three to five business days, to give you the requested price information.

Unfortunately we are unable to get pricing or availability on all items.

Sales tax must be collected in the area of distribution; if the vendor is required to collect sales tax in your state; and on intrastate shipments. If our company does not collect sales tax, customers may be liable for use taxes.

Please do not request information on department store brands such as "Radio Shack" as "Tandy". These brands are not available. Certain items may only be available for shipment in Canada or in the USA. We are doing our best to also include shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, although some products are still not available in these areas. Products and services restricted by law or by the manufacturer are not available.

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